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AI MMORPG METAVERSE Recruit your ARMY, Fight the BATTLES, Collect your REWARDS!

About Us

L2Pride is a Lineage 2 server (using L2j) that is completely free to play and designed to maximize the enjoyment of PvP without needlessly leveling on monsters to get to the highest levels and then think about PvPing w/o putting a cap on their character advancement
No weight penalty, no grade penalty, no exp loss in PVP, gain exp in PVP,
Meticulously balanced classes No more archer or necro zerg.

Extra measures applied to get rid of cheaters exploiters and hackers - such as IP and previous target checks for pvp points, auto-detector and banning of botters, DDos Attack Protection, Packet hack protection, Network traffic encryption, HWID spoofing.

Our AI edited bosses gives players on this high rate challenges and rewards, we have a huge list of mini/raid/grand bosses to hunt and they all have a respawn time of 6h/12h/24h.

Mini Bosses


Lv. 86-89

Raid Bosses


Lv. 90-94

Grand Bosses


Lv. 95-99


You will earn Event Tokens while joining on our Team vs Team, Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Siege Events and if you win an event you earn Diamond of Victory

Massive PvP

Enjoy an exciting PvP gameplay which will be mandatory in to get geared up since mostly of the items on shop requires PvP Tokens

Exciting Rewards

Participating on the siege battles and olympiads will be essential if you want to Earn Dark Matter and exchange for Pride Coin Token

Pride Coin Token

Our Token is Designed to always Reward the Holders and Players $PCT serves as the native currency, players use Pride Coin Token to buy items, services, contracts and Buy/Sell on the Marketplace

When submitting a donation you agree to the following: "Rewards" as nonreciprocal, The term "Donation" is used interchangeably with the term "Reward" throughout this document. Upon helping, you agree that you are NOT entitled to receive any compensation in exchange, Remember that you are not obligated to donate. All donations are final and non-refundable


Donators are being treated same as other players without any special privileges, they are obligated to follow server and forum rules